Budapest Case - the history of the murder of Gurgen Margaryan
Lt. Gurgen Margaryan
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Biography of Gurgen Margaryan


Armenian citizen Gurgen Margaryan, 26 years old, was hacked to death while asleep by Ramil Safarov, a Lieutenant of the Azerbaijani Army. Both were participants of an English language training course within the framework of the NATO-sponsored “Partnership for Peace” program held in Budapest, Hungary.

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Biography of Gurgen Margaryan
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Gurgen Margaryan was born on September 26th, 1978 in Yerevan, Armenia.

He received his secondary education at school #122 in Yerevan and had subsequently graduated from the State Engineering University of Armenia with a bachelor's degree in engineering.

After completing his mandatory military service term, Gurgen Margaryan became an officer in the ministry of defense of the Republic of Armenia with the rank of lieutenant.

On the 11th of January, 2004, he left for Budapest to participate in a three-month English language course which was part of the Partnership for Peace NATO-sponsored program. On February 19th he was axed while asleep by a fellow Azerbaijani participant Ramil Safarov.

Responses to the murder of Lt. Gurgen Margaryan