Budapest Case - the history of the murder of Gurgen Margaryan
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by Hayk Demoyan, Levon Melik-Shakhnazaryan
translated by Ruzanna Amiraghyan

Contents | 1. Foreword | 2. Sources | 3. The political situation in Azerbaijan in 1991-1992
4. Reasons for the assault of Khojalu | 5. The Khojalu offensive
6. About the participation of CIS 366-th regiment | 7. Development of the events after February 26
8. The causes of casualtes among civilians in Khojalu | 9. The total number of casualties
10. Conclusions | 11. Summary | 12. Appendix


Armenian is a gyavur.* Armenian is a tyrant. Armenian is a bloodsucker...
Armenian is a dirty spot on the name of Great Allah, on the whole
lucid mankind... Hey, heirs of lucid Mohammad! Always be aware of the
gyavur Armenian. Armenian sucks the human blood.

These is an excerpt from a call refrained for over ten times from Nasiman Yagublu’s book “The Crash of Khojalu” (in Azerb.). Published in Baku this book breathes with hatred towards the Armenian ethnos and is saturated with calls to annihilate Armenians as an ethnos.

At the end of February 1992 the armed divisions of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic made a successful effort smoothing the weapon emplacements in the Khojalu settlement and releasing the airport nearby the settlement. Unfortunately, some details of the military operation in our history of not so far ago are still covered with dark. The official Baku skillfully uses this circumstance and tries to use it for getting its political aims, while the destiny of the Khojalu settlers and other Azerbaijani refugees have been turned into a safe haven for the Azerbaijani authorities in stirring both domestic and international propaganda. It is noteworthy, that all the propaganda is conducted with vividly manifested anti-Armenian insinuations and is used for forcing ethnic intolerance and enmity towards Armenians among Azerbaijanis.

For more efficiency of such propaganda the state propaganda machine of Azerbaijan stops at nothing: distortion of reality, serving facts to quite the contrary, falsification of historical sources…The mass media in the republic has tried so hard that it frequently denies its own propagandist sallies.

Sharply ten years have past since the Khojalu assault made by Armenian formations. The following death of hundreds of civilians in the Aghdam region the Azerbaijani authorities serve to the international community as a massacre of Azerbaijanis by Armenians. In the modern Azerbaijan the so called “Khojalu events” are qualified exclusively as genocide. Many published books and articles, organized seminars and conferences refer to this topic… Tens of Internet sites and web pages are created that use materials devotes to this truly tragic events, while the selection of the materials to them is based on the principle of selectivity, tendentiousness and an overt tendency to hyperbole.

Be that as it may, the coverage of these events still contains a portion of inaccuracy, false information and simple lack of coincidence and mutual exclusion. Taken this fact into account we aimed at studying and a full and unbiased illumination of the events of February 1992 to the most possible extent.

The task is not an easy one: to write a work about the prehistory and the reason behind the death of hundreds of people. Besides the moral and ethical side of the problem, there is also fear of being accused of bias in illuminating the events.

At the same time, having undeniable facts of deliberate distortion of the events taken place and their further politicization, we tried to distance ourselves from apologia. The major principle in writing down this study is the strict adherence to the principle of historicity and scientific objectivity. The research is done based on different sources and publications, mainly ignored by the Azerbaijani side. What was its purpose and to what extent it succeeded is upon the reader. From our part we believe that the full illumination of the picture of Khojalu settlers' death in the interests of Azerbaijan’s ideologists, for in that case the myth of Armenian connection to that crime will simply cease to exist.

* gyavur – infidel (Arabic and Turkish)

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