Budapest Case - the history of the murder of Gurgen Margaryan
Lt. Gurgen Margaryan
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Responses by Azerbaijanis


Armenian citizen Gurgen Margaryan, 26 years old, was hacked to death while asleep by Ramil Safarov, a Lieutenant of the Azerbaijani Army. Both were participants of an English language training course within the framework of the NATO-sponsored “Partnership for Peace” program held in Budapest, Hungary.

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Below are the responses to the murder of Lt. Gurgen Margaryan by Azerbaijani officials and public figures taken from Azerbaijani media. Most of them illustrate very well the atmosphere of hate towards Armenians in nowadays Azerbaijan, which is no doubt a result of the state-sponsored anti-Armenian propaganda.

Anar Mamedkhanov, MP

"I always tell our officers who study in Turkey: 'You are needed in Karabakh. They [Armenians] must be killed in Karabakh not in the other countries' "

Source: Zerkalo, 06-March-2004

Elmira Suleymanova, the Ombudswoman of Azerbaijan

"R. Safarov must become an example of patriotism for the Azerbaijani youth."

Source: Zerkalo, 28-February-2004

Siyavush Novruzov, Deputy Chairman of the ruling “Yeni Azerbaijan” party; head of the Azerbaijani delegation to British government-sponsored and LINKS-implemented inter-parliamentary 'dialogue' program

"If the conflict is not solved in the near future, then the incidents similar to the one happened in Budapest may happen everywhere where there are Armenians and Azerbaijanis, including the Council of Europe."

Source: Zerkalo, 27-February-2004

Agshin Mehdiyev, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe

According to the Azerbaijani daily Zerkalo he "does not advise Armenians to sleep safely until the Karabakh conflict is settled. Incidents like in Budapest cannot be ruled out."

Source: Zerkalo, 23-February-2004

Zardusht Alizade, political scientist

"... we must admit that Ramil Safarov committed a crime and for that he must be punished. Otherwise the Azerbaijani officer will be raised to the status of a national hero."

Source: Zerkalo, 17-March-2004

Farida Askerova, Chairwoman of the Organization for the Liberation of Karabakh women's board

"The young people ought to be ready for the holy war; every mother must raise a son to fight for the Motherland"

Source: OLK Women's Board Calls for War
Azer-Press, 20-February-2004

Dr. Akif Naghi, Head of the Organization for the Liberation of Karabakh

"I make Mr Safarov a honorary member of the OLK. He is a great lad and fulfilled his duty under the conditions under which he found himself"

Source: OLK Women's Board Calls for War
Azer-Press, 20-February-2004

Emin Hassanli, chairman of the Public Association for Enlightenment of Young Reserve Officers

"We shall protect the rights of Ramil Safarov whatever the cost. We think that he did right to kill the Armenian officer and protected the honour of the Azeri officer in this manner"

Source: Azer-Press, 24-February-2004


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